The baron against snow topped mountains

Flying With Diabetes (FWD) aims to inspire and advocate positive messages about living and flying with diabetes. We do this by carrying out exciting aviation speed records, and organizing FWD Days at aviation museums and airfields for children, adults and families, and local communities with diabetes. Our activities raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

2016 Events

The following events are planned for 2016:

  1. April 30 - Flypast Children With Diabetes Camp, Cotswolds.
  2. May 8 - Flypast JDRF One Walk Devon.
  3. May 14 - Flypast Diabetes Wellness and Research Foundation hike.
  4. June 4-8 - Speed Record Project to Malta.
  5. June 12 - Flypast JDRF One Walk Cambridge.
  6. June 19 - Flypast One Walk Manchester.
  7. June 25 - Diabetes Wellness and Research Foundation; Southampton.
  8. July 21, 22, 24 - Diabetes Formation Flight USA training, Council Bluffs, IA.
  9. July 23 - Flying With Diabetes Day/Pilots With Diabetes Fly-In, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
  10. July - Flypast East of England Pediatric Diabetes Network Youth Camp.
  11. August - Pilots With Diabetes Fly-In White Waltham.
  12. September 16, 17 & 18 September - Diabetes Formation Flight Tour USA; California.
  13. September 11 - Flypast JDRF One Walk Strathclyde.
  14. September 25 - Flypast JDRF One Walk Aberdeen.
  15. October 15 - Flying With Diabetes Day 2016; Duxford Imperial War Museum.


Flying With Diabetes Day 2015 and Plans for 2016

We had a great Flying With Diabetes Day on 7th November at Duxford Imperial War Museum – many thanks to everyone for coming and we hope that everyone enjoyed the day!

A huge thanks to Pete Davies, Ian Cuddihy, Gavin Griffiths, Melissa Ford Holloway, Connor McKeever, Karl and Gary Mabbutt for great talks, and to Dexcom and Sanofi Diabetes for sponsoring the event. Also to Celia and JDRF for advertising the event and arranging registrations. We look forward to being in touch in April with details of Flying With Diabetes Day 2016.

Meantime we are planning 2016 flying events which will include a formation speed record into continental Europe by Douglas and Karl in the Flying With Diabetes RV8 and RV4 aircraft, another " Diabetes Formation Flight USA" tour by up to seven aircraft in the USA in September, and a series of two-aircraft formation displays at JDRF and other outdoor events around the UK over summer - a list of events will be posted shortly in the new year.