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"To be the first pilot with Type 1 Diabetes
to fly around the world in a light aircraft and raise money for diabetes research".
- Douglas Cairns

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Activities in 2003

In 2003, Douglas was delighted to receive the "Pilot of the Year" Flyer Award 2003 in the UK in recognition of the aims behind Diabetes World Flight. In September, the Beech Baron was used to establish two USA World Speed Records between Omaha & Minneapolis and Cincinnati. In July, a talk was given to the Children With Diabetes 2003 Annual Conference and Expo, and in August, a presentation was made at the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Congress in Paris, where a Novo Nordisk-sponsored "Empowerment Workshop" was also attended.

In August a visit to the Denver-based Barabara Davis Center for Juvenile Diabetes was made where Douglas met Dr. Peter Chase, author of Pink Panther "Understanding Diabetes" book. In addition Dr. Bill Jackson carried out a detailed eye check-up using the latest in ophthalmologist' technology. Many thanks go to Sonia Cooper, President of Children With Diabetes Foundation, for arranging this visit.

On 18th September Douglas presented a US$100,000 donation on behalf of Children With Diabetes Foundation to Dr. Bernhard J. Hering, Head of the Islet Transplantation Program at the University of Minnesota Diabetes Institute of Immunology and Transplantation for his continued research in porcine islet cell transplantation.

Douglas with (right to left) Bernhard Hering, David Sutherland and Dawn Fish of the University of Minnesota Diabetes Research Institute of Immunology and Transplantation.

During this visit Douglas also met with David Sutherland who is one of the worlds leading pancreas and islet cell transplant surgeons.



"Dare To Dream: Flying Solo With Diabetes"

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