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Diabetic pilots attempt national formation record.
Six diabetic pilots have attempted to set a national speed record between Derby and Southampton.
BBC News website England, 1st September 2012

Type 1 pilot sets formation flight record.
London-based pilot Douglas Cairns has set a new formation speed record with four other pilots with diabetes by flying 311 nautical miles from Iowa to Madison, Winconsin in formation.
JDRF website, August 2, 2013

DexCom proudly sponsors historic diabetes flight formation trip to raise Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation funds.

Cross-country flight to inspire people with diabetes that sky's the limit when it comes to fulfilling one's dreams.
Yahoo Finance, 15th June 2012

Diabetes Polar Flight Media

Money Managers's flight sets record, fights diabetes.
Douglas Cairns, investment specialist at Threadneedle Asset Management Ltd., London, set the world speed record for a flight between Barrow, Alaska, and the Geographic North Pole on April 21 as part of a fundraising effort for diabetes.
Pensions & Investments By Drew Carter, May 16, 2011

Diabetic pilot aims for record-breaking polar flight.

(Reuters) - Diabetic pilot Douglas Cairns plans a flying expedition to the North Pole to show what those with his illness can accomplish in the air.
Reuters Wire, by Yereth Rosen, Anchorage, Alaska, March 31, 2011

Last Degree Landing
Diabetic pilot Douglas Cairns has his sights on making the first landing of twin-engine piston-powered aircraft at the North Pole in April.
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Adventure 52 Magazine, February 2011

Diabetes Flight 50 Media

Pilots with Diabetes
Douglas Cairns is leading the way to persuade aviation authorities that pilots with diabetes can fly safely . . . and a new piece of technology from Dexcom could well help him achieve his aim.
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Pilot - Britain's best-selling GA Magazine, November 8, 2010

Record-breaking pilot takes to the skies for diabetes.
A former Royal Air Force pilot with diabetes is preparing to break another record by touching down in all 50 U.S. states and show that the disease is no obstacle for enthusiasts who dream of flying.
Reuters Life! by John Irish, July 12, 2010

Diabetic Scots pilot takes off for another record-breaking journey.

A SCOTTISH former Royal Air Force Pilot who was banned from flying in 1989 after being diagnosed with diabetes has set off on an attempt to land in 50 US states in a record time.
New Scotsman, July 11, 2010

Diabetes Flight 48 Media

Beating the barrier.
Douglas Cairns and a few friends decided to fly, and land, in all 48 contiguous states in the USA in an attempt to break the previous record. They also wanted to raise money for diabetes research and awareness for diabetes sufferers who want to become pilots.
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Interview, Loop Magazine, UK, November 2009

Douglas is flying high again despite diabetes.
RAF pilot Douglas Cairns was dealt a career-shattering blow in 1989 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. No longer able to man a plane because of his condition, Douglas (46) who grew up in Lochaber near Fort William was forced to rethink his life and take on a new vocation.
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The Sunday Post, August 16 2009

High-Flier soars into US record books.
Former RAF pilot lands in 48 states.
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Press and Journal (Aberdeen)(Main), June 30 2009

Flying High

Yet again, a couple of seemingly staid city chaps have proved their capacity to surprise.
City AM, June 29 2009, p.10, unattributed

Brits Take Contiguous 48 States In Record Time (For Diabetes)

Saturday, Diabetes Flight 48, piloted by Douglas Cairns and James D'Arcy, two British pilots living with diabetes, broke the record time for landing in all 48 contiguous states with their final landing in Kenosha, Wis.
AVwebFlash, World's premier independent aviation news resource, June 22, 2009