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Flying Projects

Flying With Diabetes builds upon a number of flying projects carried out by Douglas Cairns and more recently formation-flight projects along with fellow pilots with diabetes. The first was "Diabetes World Flight" (, the first round-the-world flight by a licenced pilot with diabetes in 2003.

Diabetes Formation Flight USA

The latest three flights have included Karl Beetson who has acted as Technical Support, utilizing his computer skills to manage website communications and the Spidertracks GPS tracking system.

Diabetes Polar Flight
In 2011 Douglas set a solo world speed record between Barrow, Alaska and the North Pole, followed by the first ever landing by a light twin-engine piston-powered aircraft at the North Pole, by setting down on the polar ice at Barneo Ice Camp, a temporary Russian science station.

Diabetes Flight 50
Iin 2010 Douglas took 5 days and 13 hours to smash the existing 13-day record to land in 50 states of the USA plus Washington DC which won an award from the USA's National Aeronautic Association as One of the Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2010.

Diabetes Flight 48
The second project was in 2009 when Douglas was joined by James D'Arcy, a pilot with type 2 diabetes using insulin, to break the existing 5-day record to land in all 48 mainland states of the USA.